Europe: Literary Liminalities


Ana Paula Coutinho, Universidade do Porto - ILC; Gonçalo Vilas-Boas, Universidade do Porto - ILC; Jorge Bastos da Silva, Universidade do Porto - ILC; José Domingues de Almeida, Universidade do Porto - ILC; Teresa Martins de Oliveira, Universidade do Porto - ILC




The political and linguistic diversity of the European continent - which challenges the uniqueness of a global language – induces a multifocal and multilingual approach in literary creation concerning the European issue. 

Moreover, the current conjuncture of the Old Continent is confronted with dangerous populist drifts and the temptation of a nationalist closure. The fictional concern of writers focusses on this complex problematic to be addressed by, on the one hand, the still significant sequels of the conflictual History inherited from the 19th and 20th centuries and, on the other hand, the prospective idea of an institutional construction. This idea is essentially focused on the economy and finance, which Europe cannot be reduced to.


Table of Contents

7 |Introduction
   Ana Paula Coutinho, Gonçalo Vilas-Boas, Jorge Bastos da Silva, José Domingues de Almeida, Teresa Martins de Oliveira

11 |Le Prix du Livre Européen : promoteur et relayeur des liminalités littéraires
    José Domingues de Almeida

21 | My Dream of Europe
    Martin R. Dean

25 |Transnational Women Writers in Europe: the Italian case-study
    Vita Fortunati

39 | Robert Menasse, The Capital. A satirical novel on the European Union
    Teresa Martins de Oliveira

51 | "La vie est ailleurs". Sur les mythes littéraires de l’Europe centrale
    Anikó Radvánszky

63 | Under Western Eyes, or Can Polish Literature just be European Literature?
    Marta Skwara


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dezembro 30, 2021